Meet Bev

Currently serving as a Faith Community Nurse Program Coordinator and educator, Bev is a master-level prepared Registered Nurse and an Ordained Elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Experienced as a co-pastor with her husband, Bev has been involved in ministry for over 40 years. 

Board-Certified as a Master Mental Health Coach and trained in grief and trauma care, Bev's lived experience makes her an effective speaker, consultant, mentor, and coach. With a desire to help, Bev founded Telos Whole-Person Wellness Coaching and Consulting.

Telos Whole-Person Wellness Coaching and Consulting exists to provide support to those who desire to successfully navigate life's experiences. Utilizing various methods, including The Murray Method and Brief Presenting Symptom Support Techniques, Bev strives to help clients reach their ultimate goals. (Telos is the root of the modern term teleology, the study of purposiveness or of objects with a view to their aims, purposes, or intentions.)

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